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  • Brian DuFresne

Custom ACM Electronic Enclosures Now With PEM Hardware!

Through a little bit of research and testing, we found a great cosmetic and cost effective method to mount electronics inside Aluminum Composite Material enclosures! While there are many types of blind hardware, we chose to make PEM's CSOS-632-4 concealing blind standoff our standard choice to use on production housings and enclosures. "Typical" PEMs used in sheet metal fabrication do not perform well with ACM as the hardware does not have much grip to as it is pressed in. With blind standoffs, we can recess a locating profile and press in this hardware that is meant to flare outward. It gets 'into' the polyethylene core and is resisted on pull and torque tests by the surrounding polyethylene and the aluminum facer. All the more reason to consider ACM for your next custom electronic enclosure application!

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