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Aluminum composite material (also known as ACM) is a unique laminated composite material. It has a black polyethylene core with aluminum cap layers. The aluminum cap layers come in various thicknesses, but the most common are .008 and .012. Overall thicknesses include: 3mm, 4mm, and 6mm.


The .008 thickness can be used for situations where you are not bending the part - for example signage, flat panels, etc. The .012 thickness aluminum facer is what we traditionally use because it allows us to more easily apply grooves to the part and easily hand bend it. Having a thicker outside bend thickness allows for more strength after the bend.  The bending can be done by us or completed at your location or in the field by the end user. Bending in the field can save our customers on shipping and warehouse costs due to the part being flat instead of a formed enclosure. This is just one of the many advantages of using ACM for custom housings, shelving, bins, trays or industrial door panels.


The aluminum facers come with multiple finish options such as pre-painted white, black, and some other stocked colors. It is also available in a brushed aluminum, bronze, or copper finish. These finishes also allow for great adhesion for CMYK digital printing.




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