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About Us

Envision Plastics and Design has been producing custom plastic enclosures and other plastic parts since 2000 using the No Molds Required Technology (NMR Technology). We have helped to develop new products and add great value to our customer's project applications with regard to plastic housings, panels, and other types of NMR fabricated parts.  

Along the way, we have added additional capabilities to our service offering.  These would include larger CNC routers, CMYK digital printing, and now the introduction of aluminum composite materials into our service offering.This is why we launched


We are excited to see the future projects ACM gets applied to! We already have made tailgates (below), enclosures, signage panels, storage bins, shelving, and kiosk displays. Check our our Products page for more examples. 


Keep this fabrication option in mind for your next project!

Custom ACM Fabricated Panel White Glossy Alupanel 3mm
Custom ACM Pane with CMYK Digital Printing
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